At Neu Robotics, we believe that we are on the precipice of the next major Industrial Revolution, one fueled by the convergence of revolutionary core technologies such as deep learning, additive manufacturing, and mobile, autonomous robotics.
We at Neu Robotics strive to be part of that revolution through the design, manufacturing, and deployment of advanced, data collecting robotic platforms to facilitate the transformation of entire industries – starting with our advanced AO-Series Drones.

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Whether you want to capture valuable data at every stage of a construction project, survey a large plot of land, or inspect a telecommunication tower, our platform can handle it. Using advanced, depth-sensing cameras, we can build 3D maps, provide high quality video streams, and generate high quality visual data that syncs to your secure, cloud-based account.

Precision Agriculture

Optimize your crop yields via smart, data-driven farming by employing drones in the field. Our platform will be capable generating the type of data necessary for soil and crop monitoring and analysis, from early stage seed planting through the harvest of the crop. Our flight planning software also makes it easy to create custom flights covering specific plots of land.

Security / Public services

Keep a watchful eye in the sky during crowded public events, provide live visual feeds of ongoing fires, and utilize our proprietary image detection and recognition software for search and rescue operations.

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